We're a Drinking Group with a Motorcycle Problem

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Black Horse Riders

We meet every 2nd & 4th Thursday at

'Crookham Street Social Club',

Crookham Village, Hampshire.

What we're about!!???

We are a motorbiking group who drink, or, a drinking group who motorbike, but we don't drink and ride, cos we spill too much!? In other words 'A DRINKING GROUP WITH A MOTORBIKE PROBLEM'

We run by the adage 'NO POLITICS NO BOLLOX'

We are a family friendly pub motorbike/trike  group who have a  broad cast of members from Accountants to Skip Rats. We 're not worried what bike/trike you have but at the moment it is mostly the good old Harley.


On th 2nd  Thursday of each  month we have our official meeting night and the 4th Thursday is social have a beer night.

We organise trips in the UK and Abroad. ie France,  Spain and Portugal. A group of 14 of us  completed a guided tour on Route 66 from Chicago to LA in June 2013 with Hadrian V Twin. Also 6 of us on bikes and 2 girls in a car went back in May 2015 for another go from Albuquerque to LA.

Some of us are Harley Owners Group (HOG) members which allows us to take advantage of some of the HOG rallies.

If you enjoy Bikes, Drinking, Camping, Riding in formation and Rallies you'll probably fit in.

If your interested come down and meet us. If you keep coming you will eventually be invited to purchase one of our coveted badges and join the fold.


Our friends at the Fred Britenstine Memorial Car Show in Virden, Illinois, immediately made us feel welcome at our impromptu stop at their town.